Visualization of Ontology Matching and Analytics

This was my written critique and presentation, part of my PhD requirements

Abstract: The semantic web provides a framework of having data on the web defined and linked such that it can be used by machines (and users), with minimal mapping and transformation, for display purposes, automation, and reuse across various applications. While many ontology mapping systems that aims to integrate data across myriad sources and schemata have been proposed, fully automatic methods are unable to incorporate all the nuances of the underlying datasets. Using visualization and user feedback, it is possible to address the difficulties that underline the data integration tasks. As the complexity of ontology matching systems increases, the amount and type of data that is used in matching strategies becomes complex; being able to visualize the alignment so that users understand and make use of the results becomes tricky. In this report, we discuss the current state of ontology matching visualization techniques and how people perceive unfamiliar visualizations.

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