ETL and CRM at Infosys

I worked at Infosys Technologies Limited, Bangalore, India right after completing my Bachelor's degree.

ETL: DataStage

The Global Customer Data Base (GCDB) application provides a means of data migration from existing source applications into central repository. The blanket project GCDBM had the Integration Tool Kit (ITK) as one of its components. The focus of ITK was to provide a GCDB data extract to its corresponding client applications. It involved the extraction of GCDB data for some client applications in the required format through Ascential (now IBM) Datastage, an ETL tool (Extract, Transform and Load Tool). This exercise was to be run within a time window of 8 hours every day. I designed an entire module and played the role of developer in the project.

COMET ETL – involved data cleansing and migration from disparate data sources to a unified warehouse for a reputed courier company. The COMET ETL tool was developed for the emerging markets. It is a generic implementation, which can do the Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) to transform the data obtained from a Global Customer Database (GCDB) to a proprietary (COMET EIM) file format, for the COMET application in Siebel. I played the role of a developer and was also involved in the design of a module in the project.

CRM - Sales: Epiphany

The primary goal of this project is to provide an integrated contact and account management system using the Epiphany Sales package (A Java Based CRM Tool). The critical data from the existing Siebel system will be migrated to the new system to ensure business continuity. I took ownership of this piece. The client was exalted by our performance in this project and extended 6 other projects to our team. I was also involved in design and implementation of subsequent phases of the project. The project was titled: Siebel-Epiphany Migration (SME) and RAPID

Texas Instruments Siebel Analytics project was a data warehousing project which involved customization of existing Siebel Informatica vanilla mappings and creation of additional star schemas data models for Audit Trail and Survey subject areas. Based on the warehouse reports for Service Request Volume Analysis, Customer Satisfaction Survey Analysis and Workload Analysis are generated. These reports provide the required information for the strategic level managers for analysis. I was involved as designer and developer through the length of the project.