Microwave EMF Visualization

Final Exam - Scientific Visualization (CS 526)

In this project, I recorded the Electro Magnetic Field Strength around a Microwave Oven along three directions using a meter that Andy (my professor) lent me and visualized the same. The results were not so comforting!

In this visualization, the EMF Level can be viewed as cubes or as spheres and scaled based on EMF Value. The microwave object itself can be hidden or shown. The opacity and size of the glyphs can be varied with ease.

The user can select one or more (or all) of the six sides of the microwave to get a good glimpse of a particular side. Also, there is a crop box which can be used to see a part of the fields to better view and analyze the data.

Click on an image to see a larger version of the graphic.

Download the executable here.