Graphics and Animation

Projects and Paper Presentations at EVL@UIC

I took the following courses at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) at The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), in Computer Graphics, Computer Animation, and User Interface Design & Programming.


  • Microwave EMF Visualization was more aimed at collecting data to understand the intricacies and pains involved in the process. I recorded the Electro Magnetic Field Strength around a Microwave Oven along three directions using a meter and visualized it.

  • Pimp my Volume was an application created in C# and VTK to visualize volumes. Using raw files obtained from MRI and CT scans, the user will be able to see Ray-Casting, Iso Surfaces and Splatting in action.

    • Car Weather Monitoring System is a user interface design of a computer-controlled climate system for car. This was implemented using Java.CTA Racine Kiosk is an interface for the pedestrians of Chicago to help them navigate around the city and find places and events around the city.

  • Koosbane Karaoke was a motion capture animation project (group of 3). We collected motion capture data for a (Hindi) song and applied the data to a group of dancing table lamps. This 60 second piece was implemented using Lua (programming language) and Electro (graphics engine).

  • Ek, Anek aur Ekta (One, Many and Oneness) is an implementation of Craig Reynold’s Boids. In this project, the characters on a sheet of paper feel hungry and begin their journey to eat up the apples on a tree drawn using crayons on the page. They team up and succeed. This was implemented using Blitz3D.

  • Picky Mouse & Sleepy Laptop is a 60 second animation clip piece using Anim8or using key-frame animation. The movie involved a laptop and a mouse as characters where the mouse saves the laptop’s life by plugging it into the power cord!

Using POV-Ray, designed a table top Orrery using radiosity and ray-tracing. This was a time-consuming, realistic looking, high-quality rendering.

Papers Presented in class: