Bachelor's in Computer Science

I did my Bachelor's in Engineering at Bapuji Institute of Engineering and Technology, Davangere, which is a part of Visvesvaraya Technological University.

epBook Studio

final year project

A tool that can be used to create digital annotations for a normal paper book, using a digital pen - Pegasus. The pen is used by the author of a book to underline a word and annotate using text, audio, video, etc. These annotations are shown to the reader when he points the digital pen on a word that is previously annotated. The solution is component oriented and layered, thus facilitates easy development of future enhancements. The project was developed under the guidance of Dr. Shekhar Borgaunkar, Department Director, HP Labs - India, at Bangalore.

1394 File Transfer

Wrote an application to Transfer Files between two computers using Firewire (IEEE 1394). Data transfer rates of up to 400 Mbps was achieved. The software was written using C for the Linux platform.

Online Adaptive Examination

A CGI based web portal that can be used to conduct a variety of multiple choice questions based examinations, in which the system adapts to the skill level of the user, and allots marks accordingly. The portal was developed using Perl and HTML and ported using the Apache HTTPD Server.


An application developed using VB 6.0 is being used by the organization SONA-TVS, Mysore, India. It provides the organization with automation of the workshop by providing features such as Intelligent Mechanic Suggestion System, Job Scheduling using FIFO scheme, etc. DataWare is deployed on four sections of the organization, hence is facilitated with features such as messaging, alarm and synchronization of transactions with the central database. Monthly report generation, printing reminders were implemented using VB over Microsoft SQL.

3D Rendered Room

Developed a 3D room rendered using Java 2 and the Microsoft DirectX API. The interface comprised of a room, with a fan rotating, placed in a virtual universe with stars and a moon revolving in the horizon. The user could navigate through the entire scene using the arrow keys and the mouse.

Remote Controller Interface

Developed a package to Interface the remote controller of a toy car with the PC. The software controlled a device, which was indigenously designed, which in turn controlled the remote controller. One way communication was established from the parallel port to the device. The package can be suitably modified to control any appliance/equipment. This project won the First Place at Computious, a National Level Project Presentation Competition conducted by ISTE at NITK (formerly KREC), Suratkal, India.

Graphics Editor

On MS-DOS environment, using C++. The focus was to create an editor similar in operation to MS-Paint application. The development of the editor involved the development of its GUI and creation of classes for complete reuse for further probable applications.

Text Editor

On Linux environment, using tools such as XEmacs, GCC and libraries such as Curses, Panels, et al. The text editor was developed using OOA (Object Oriented Approach). The focus was to come up with a reusable design for the text editor.

Evolution of the Internet

A Presentation

This included topics such as history and evolution, the latest advancements and future role of the Internet in the information age. The presentation was much like an interactive animation clip.