Koosbane Karaoke

Computer Animation - Project 3

Koosbane Karaoke was an exciting project for us. This is an attempt to make a group of lamps dance to a "Hin-glish" song.

The Music

This is a one-and-a-half minute clip of the sound track "Where's the Party Tonight" from an Indian Hindi movie "Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna". Here is the ogg-vorbis version of the song that we created.

The Platform

Modeling Tool: Anim8or

Programming Language: Lua

Visualization Engine: Electro

Texture Design: Photoshop

The Source

Click here to download the source/executable files.

Unzip the contents and run on play.bat

Use the 'F' key to start the animation.

The 'R' key restarts the animation.

How we did it

We used three sensors to represent the three points on the lamp:

Lamp Base: Held fixed in the left hand and moved minimally

Lamp Shoulder: Sensor tied to the right elbow of the actor

Lamp Head: Sensor held in actor's right hand

We captured about 30 minutes of data and cut the data to fit the 1.5 minute song.

Submitted By:

Kiran K. Kamineni

Shriram N. Iyer

Vivek R. Shivaprabhu