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Graphics and Animation

Projects and Paper Presentations at EVL@UIC

I took the following courses at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) at The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), in Computer GraphicsComputer Animation, and User Interface Design & Programming.


  • Microwave EMF Visualization was more aimed at collecting data to understand the intricacies and pains involved in the process. I recorded the Electro Magnetic Field Strength around a Microwave Oven along three directions using a meter and visualized it.
  • Pimp my Volume was an application created in C# and VTK to visualize volumes. Using raw files obtained from MRI and CT scans, the user will be able to see Ray-Casting, Iso Surfaces and Splatting in action.
  • Car Weather Monitoring System is a user interface design of a computer-controlled climate system for car. This was implemented using Java.

  • CTA Racine Kiosk is an interface for the pedestrians of Chicago to help them navigate around the city and find places and events around the city.
  • Koosbane Karaoke was a motion capture animation project (group of 3). We collected motion capture data for a (Hindi) song and applied the data to a group of dancing table lamps. This 60 second piece was implemented using Lua (programming language) and Electro (graphics engine).
  • Ek, Anek aur Ekta (One, Many and Oneness) is an implementation of Craig Reynold’s Boids. In this project, the characters on a sheet of paper feel hungry and begin their journey to eat up the apples on a tree drawn using crayons on the page. They team up and succeed. This was implemented using Blitz3D.
  • Picky Mouse & Sleepy Laptop is a 60 second animation clip piece using Anim8or using key-frame animation. The movie involved a laptop and a mouse as characters where the mouse saves the laptop’s life by plugging it into the power cord!
  • Using POV-Ray, designed a table top Orrery using radiosity and ray-tracing. This was a time-consuming, realistic looking, high-quality rendering.

Papers Presented in class: